The goal of the StormCloudsGathering project is not to predict the future.
The goal is (and has always been) to influence the trajectory we are on.

During times of upheaval history can turn on a dime, and often does.
The way we react, and or adapt to rapidly changing circumstances is often the determining variable. Our response is shaped by our world view, and our world view by the dominant cultural narrative (which in the age of instant, global communication is shifting faster than ever before).

The mind is the root of power.
The meme is mightier than the sword.

Some reading this are trying to decide just who's side I am on.
Which team am I batting for? Blue team or red?

I consider partisan games to be childish expressions of a suppressed tribal instinct.
My loyalty is to evidence, logic and the next generations.

I stand with those who stand against war,
debt based, banker controlled money,
and the abuse of state power,

There will be times when you will disagree with me, or only partly agree. This is normal. We all look out at the world through a different lens,
and there are times when we must disassemble somebody's sacred cow. It's usually wise to be diplomatic, and navigate treacherous ideological waters with great caution however some situations demand "tough love". Don't assume, however, that such positions are a sign of enmity, or let ideological tribalism render facts obsolete.

"How do I know I can trust you?" is a question I hear in various forms.

I don't ask you to trust me.
My job is to collect evidence,
connect it with logic, and present a picture that is easy to understand,
(for the target audience of that particular message).

What you choose to believe when it's all said and done, is none of my business.
We are each responsible for the contents of our mind.

[To be continued...]