The Fall of Iraq - What You're Not Being Told

Iraq is descending into chaos, but not for the reasons you're being fed by the politicians and the mainstream media.

Video: Ukrainian Air Force Caught Bombing Civilians - OSCE Confirms

The Ukrainian military has been caught on video from multiple sources bombing civilians in Lugansk, Ukraine, but just in case you were skeptical we now have a confirmation from the OSCE. Washington's response? Give them more money.

Snowden, The NSA and a Crime of High Treason

The divide that separates the ruling class from the people who actually keep society functioning keeps getting wider and wider. Nothing illustrates this fact quite like the "debate" over the NSA's mass surveillance and Edward Snowden's role in exposing it.

West Supports Kiev as it Escalates its Assault on Eastern Ukraine Shelling Residential Areas

The Ukraine crisis has become a civil war, and the West is backing the aggressor

Human Rights Watch Condemns the Detention of Journalists by Ukrainian Provisional Government

The Ukrainian provisional government is attempting to regain control of the flow of information in the worst possible way: by cracking down on journalists.

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