Human Rights Watch Condemns the Detention of Journalists by Ukrainian Provisional Government

The Ukrainian provisional government is attempting to regain control of the flow of information in the worst possible way: by cracking down on journalists.

Ukrainian M.P. - Investigation Shows No Evidence Snipers in Kiev Were Police

The results of this investigation are significant because it was made by a pro-opposition M.P. who was very critical of the Ukrainian Berkut police force.

The Odessa Massacre - What REALLY Happened

Contrary to what the mainstream media has tried to convince you, it's not at all a mystery how the fire started in Odessa, Ukraine and it's not at all a mystery who started it. We owe it to the victims to expose what really happened.

Russia's New Law Regulating Online Speech the Envy of U.S. Politicians

The FCC is working behind the scenes to pass laws regulating online journalism just like Putin just did. They're just looking for a way to slip it past the American public.

The Claim that Jews Are Being Ordered to Register in Eastern Ukraine Was Fake - But Still No Retraction

U.S.A. Today and the New York Times still haven't updated their articles claiming that Jews are being ordered to register in Eastern Ukraine even though the story was debunked.

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