Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements

The purpose of this video is to draw attention to a dangerous undercurrent of racism, anti-semitism and outright fascism which has been growing within our ranks in recent years. We're going to point to where this could end up if we allow it to continue, and to we're going to explain how to confront it effectively. During periods of severe economic hardship, war, and social instability people have the tendency to look for someone to blame.
Syrian Rebels Weapons From CIA

CIA Providing Weapons, Supplies To Syrian Rebels

Following the announcement of what should be a peaceful resolution to the Syria conflict, the United States has announced that it is now providing "lethal aid" to the Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime. According to the Washington Post the lethal aid--which has not reached Syrian rebels for months--is now entering Syria once again, based off of US Government statements.

What The Bradley Manning Verdict Tells Us About America

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On June 30th, 2013 Bradley Manning a U.S. Army private who leaked a number of classified documents was convicted of seven out of eight espionage charges, five theft charges, two computer fraud charges, five military counts of violating a lawful general regulation and one charge of wanton publication of intelligence on the internet. Though he was found not guilty of the aiding the enemy charges he still faces up to 136 years in prison.

Egyptian Revolution: What You're Not Being told

US classifies torture & punishes those who tell
Egypt Revolution: What You're Not Being told

What's the real story behind this most recent revolution in Egypt? Looking at it on the surface, from the viewpoint being handed to us by the mainstream media it's hard to make out a clear picture, especially since much of the information we're being given seems contradictory.

The Snowden Case What You're Not Being Told

The Edward Snowden Case is contentious. It splits people into 3 main camps: Those who think of him as a hero, those who think he's a criminal for leaking government secrets, and those who think the whole story is a distraction. First let's deal with the camp that thinks he's a criminal. Now you have these incredibly corrupt politicians like Senators Schumer and Feinstein and former vice president Dick Cheney calling Snowden a traitor, and scolding Russia and China for letting him escape.

An Open Message to The NSA

This is a message to all employees of the DHS the NSA, and whoever else in the these alphabet soup agencies who plays a role in the massive surveillance apparatus of the United States government. Listen, we know you're watching us, we know you're listening to our phone conversations, reading our emails, accessing our social media activities and reviewing our internet browsing history without warrants. Those of us who have been paying attention have known for a long time.

The Terrifying Future of The United States

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The Truth about The Social Contract

The social contract is a concept that liberals and conservatives interpret very differently, but In this video we're probably going to make both sides angry. The social contract is a concept that liberals and conservatives interpret very differently. Those who consider themselves liberals tend to use the term in a positive sense, to encompass ideas of social responsibility and justice; conservatives tend to interpret the social contract as an extension of collectivism and therefore view it as an invalid and tyrannical construct.

The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar

At this point in history virtually every human on this planet is enslaved whether they know it or not. This is not the crude and primitive slavery of ancient times, it does not rely on whips and shackles to keep the oppressed in their place. These tools have been rendered obsolete by much more sophisticated methods. That most of the enslaved are unaware of their condition and would in fact argue fiercely that they are free is a testament to the effectiveness of these invisible chains. You've heard the expression "Money makes the world go round". There's truth in that.