The North Korean Nuclear Crisis What You Aren't being Told

Why did North Korea really threaten to launch nuclear attacks on the U.S.? Is Kim Jong-un just crazy or is there something bigger at play here? This past week North Korea made headlines by threatening to launch a nuclear attack on U.S. targets in Hawaii and Guam and even on mainland U.S. cities like Austin Texas. Now it’s obvious to anyone who is familiar with North Korea’s military capabilities that this would be a suicidal move. If they were foolish enough to follow through with such threats North Korea would be reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble within a week.

WWIII - China's ultimatum

China has told the United States, in no uncertain terms, that any pending or potential attack upon Pakistan will be implicitly construed an act of aggression against Beijing. Will this stop the US from invading Pakistan, or is this all part of the game plan? Analysis of China / Pakistan alliance: