Benghazi What You're Not Being Told [SCG News]

Media attention has turned towards the Benghazi scandal in the past several days in the build up to today's hearings in which 3 State Department whistleblowers were set to testify regarding the attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya on of September 11th, 2012. The attack claimed the lives of 4 Americans. Some are claiming that this situation has the potential to take down the Obama administration, others assert that this is unrealistic, but that it may damage Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions in 2016.

The Boston Bombing Coverup Continues - 3 More People Framed

Last week Police announced the arrest of 3 new suspects in the Boston bombing. The suspects are accused of conspiracy to obstruct justice and of hiding evidence. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Boston Bombing: What You Aren't Being Told

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