The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes

Regardless of where on this planet you live, and no matter what your nationality, the fact that the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA are still on the books, should disturb you on a fundamental level. If not, give it three minutes.
NDAA - Congress Votes Down Amendment to Eliminate Indefinite Detention

NDAA - Congress Votes Down Amendment to Eliminate Indefinite Detention

For some reason, the power to disappear people without a trial is really, really important to America's ruling class.

The FBI Admits it Can Activate Your Webcam without the Light Turning On

The Washington Post recently reported that the FBI has had the ability to secretly activate a computer's camera "without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording" for years now.

How to Deal With DHS Checkpoints - Footage Compilation

Real world demonstrations on how to put the DHS in their place when you encounter one of their checkpoints.

New York Is The Testing Ground - Will Americans Lay Down Without a Fight?

The new gun legislation in New York is a test. If the American people submit here it will be rolled out nation wide.

The Taboo of Confronting Soldiers

I've made a number of videos addressing the police and military over the past several years trying to get them to recognize the danger of our current situation and where we are headed. Part of this involves reminding them of their oath, because this gives us a point of reference, and it makes it clear that what we are asking isn't something extraordinary, it's just asking them to keep the promise they already made.

The REAL Purpose of the 2nd Amendment - The Ultimate Critique of Gun Control

There are those who believe that the government should have the monopoly on violence; that the government should be the only one armed, and that we should trust the government to defend and protect us. There's just one little tiny problem with that... The gang of armed men doing the killing and kidnapping usually IS the government.

All It Takes Is One Oath Keeper To Turn The Tide - Stewart Rhodes Interview 2

In this interview Stewart Rhodes of the OathKeepers and I talk about how one person standing up in their unit against an unlawful / unconstitutional order can shift the entire group. This is a principle which has been proven and repeated in the Asch conformity experiments has very serious implications for the events headed our way. Stewart goes into a number of historical examples illustrating how this principle has been played out already.

Organizing a Military Stand Down Against NDAA - SCG Interviews Stewart Rhodes of OathKeepers

Stewart Rhodes, founder of OathKeepers talks about the NDAA, and why massive civil disobedience is needed in conjunction with a military stand down. I have been contacted by a number of soldiers asking what they can do on practical terms to fight what is happening to our country. These letters weighed heavily on me. I wanted to respond in a video, but I felt that the best person to give that answer would be Stewart Rhodes.

Three Prerequisites of Freedom

There are three principles that must be attained and maintained in order for personal freedom to survive in any country. The first two are all but lost in this country.