Jimbob the Patriot changes his mind about Obama

In this episode our trailer park pundit takes a few moments to explain why he is going to vote for Obama in 2012.

Accelerating towards World War III

The actions being taken by the United States and its European allies are taking us ever closer to the third (and perhaps the last) great war. They know where this is headed, and yet they are putting their foot on the gas, accelerating down the path to destruction. Madness.

A lie so big you could fly a plane through it - Pentagon 911

When faced with an lie that has become accepted as indisputable truth to such a degree that any questioning that lie is deemed treason, it is our duty to expose the holes in that lie. If what I talk about in this video is old news to you, then you aren't necessarily the target audience. What I am trying to provide here is a short, sweet introduction to the facts which lead to doubting the official 911 fairy tale. If you already know this stuff then send it to family and friends that don't.