StormCloudsGathering is Under Attack - Major Changes Coming [Updated September 24th]

We've avoided talking about this situation for a long time, but now it has escalated to such a degree that we have to respond.

Accelerating towards World War III

The actions being taken by the United States and its European allies are taking us ever closer to the third (and perhaps the last) great war. They know where this is headed, and yet they are putting their foot on the gas, accelerating down the path to destruction. Madness.

Total Collapse - The Build up to World War III

World War Three is not going to be an accident. It will not be caused by an unfortunate chain events that the US struggles to avoid. It is a goal, an objective that will be pursued at all costs.

Why I took my videos attacking The Zeitgeist Movement down

A lot of you have probably noticed that I took down my series of videos attacking the Zeitgeist movement, and I don't think it is very productive for me to send individual answers to each person who has written me asking why, so I am going to do this in a public format. Recipe for a new dark age: If you want to listen to the first two hours of the conversation between myself and Neil you can do so by going to