Retired Lt. General William Boykin - Warns of Financial Collapse & Martial Law

General William Boykin isn't a low grade internet pundit. He was a commander of the Green Berets and one of the original members Delta Force. You might not like his political opinions but when a guy like this says he is preparing for a collapse that he believes is coming very soon you should take that very seriously.

5 Reasons Globalism Will Fail

There are those who fear the globalist and feel that their march towards a totalitarian one world government cannot be stopped, but this perspective gives the "powers that be" way too much credit. Below are 5 obvious reasons why globalism will fail in the long run.

1. The Globalists are losing control of the flow of information.

Accelerating towards World War III

The actions being taken by the United States and its European allies are taking us ever closer to the third (and perhaps the last) great war. They know where this is headed, and yet they are putting their foot on the gas, accelerating down the path to destruction. Madness.

Is a bubble forming in the silver market?

Gold and silver prices are exploding right now, and silver is increasing in price faster than most other commodities. Let's try to approach this rationally and discuss the possibility that a bubble is in the process of being created in the silver market

Rebuilding Post Economic Collapse - A co-existing strategies approach vs. a global approach

This video starts from the premise that the current system we are in is headed for a total collapse. I've made other videos establishing this tenet pretty thoroughly, so rather than repeat myself I am going to tackle the big question that many are wrestling with right now: How do we rebuild after the collapse in a way that avoids the mistakes that got us into this mess in the first place? Now there are some groups (the Zeitgeist Movement in particular) which have asserted that since the problems that we face are global, the solution needs to be global.

The Economic Collapse of America : The New Normal (wide screen)

You, your friends, and your family need to understand what's coming, so that you'll prepare, so that you'll live. The collapse that is headed our way is not going to be a short event, it isn't going to be just a financial collapse. It is going to mark the end of life as we know it. Life will go on, but it will not resemble anything you have experienced before. Please watch the first video regarding the petrodollar first so that this video has context. This is a re-upload in a higher quality format to improve the visual impact.