The Greek Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

There are several important variables to the Greek debt crisis that most people aren't talking about.

Charleston Shootings - What Needs To Be Said

Consider this an intervention.

EMERGENCY REPORT - 2nd TPP Sneak Attack Coming This Tuesday!

The push to ram the TPP and TTIP down our throats isn't over. They are hoping you aren't paying attention.

The TPP - What You're Not Being Told

There's a reason this is being hidden from the public.

Quantum Relativity

The bridge between quantum physics and general relativity requires a paradigm shift.

Charlie Hebdo - Les vrais dangers et conséquences (Français)

Pas besoin de spéculer sur la façon dont ces événements vont être utilisés politiquement. La machine est déjà en route.

Charlie Hebdo - The Hidden Agenda Exposed [UPDATED 1-20-15]

We don't have to speculate as to how this event is going to be used. It has already started.

Charlie Hebdo - La Video Censurée [Français]

La version officielle de la fusillade de Charlie Hebdo mise à mal

Charlie Hebdo Shootings - Censored Video [Updated 2-5-15]

Evidence that sheds doubt on the official story regarding the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

2015 - The Dangers Ahead

A quick look at the minefield we are walking into in 2015.

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