Why The Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told Video Was Taken Down

This video is down until we get to the bottom of this story.

How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments & Manipulate Public Opinion

The U.S. government's latest attempt to topple Cuba using social media is just the tip of the iceberg, but what's really interesting is how connects to the Ukrainian crisis.

OWNED! A Former Obama Supporter Destroys the Illusions of The Fake Left

If you've given up on humanity you should watch this video.

The Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

The European and American public are being systematically lied to about the Ukraine crisis.

The REAL Target of Obama's Next Extrajudicial Assassination

This week Obama announced that his administration was contemplating killing an American citizen in Pakistan but the real target is not in Pakistan at all.

Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1

It has always been in the interest of the ruling class to cultivate illusions which obscure the true nature of the game. Time to look behind the curtain.

Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told

Bitcoin has a fatal design flaw that almost no one is talking about. The current bubble is just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember Remember

Remember Remember the 5th of November, that these wars of aggression, this police state oppression, hinges on one single thing... our cooperation.

ObamaCare: What You're Not Being Told

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, a large percentage of the public is completely misinformed about what the law actually entails. Many of these misconceptions have been intentionally cultivated by political pundits from both the left and the right, and predictably people have latched on to the distortions which most closely fit into their world view. Let's remove all the party politics and set the record straight. One the most prevalent misconceptions about ObamaCare is that it is socialized medicine.

Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements

The purpose of this video is to draw attention to a dangerous undercurrent of racism, anti-semitism and outright fascism which has been growing within our ranks in recent years. We're going to point to where this could end up if we allow it to continue, and to we're going to explain how to confront it effectively. During periods of severe economic hardship, war, and social instability people have the tendency to look for someone to blame.

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