EMERGENCY REPORT - 2nd TPP Sneak Attack Coming This Tuesday!

The push to ram the TPP and TTIP down our throats isn't over. They are hoping you aren't paying attention.

TPP - Second Sneak Attack Scheduled Tuesday!

You may have heard about the failed attempt to pass "Fast Track" authority for the TPP in the House on Friday, June 12th. The public applied pressure and they backed down. You may have assumed that we would have a few months of breathing room before they made another attempt. However it turns out that Congress isn't even going to wait a full week for round two.

According to senator Jeff Sessions, there is upcoming vote on Tuesday June 17th, for a bill called the TAA. Hidden in the TAA is a provision which would grant the president fast-track authority on any and all trade agreements for a period of six years. This would inherently include the TPP, TTIP and TISA.

If you don't know what the TPP ir the TTIP are or why they are so dangerous, watch "The TPP What You're Not Being Told".

If fast-track is granted for 6 years, whoever wins the next presidential election would inherit this power and therefore be able to pass a whole slew of despicable treaties which consolidate corporate sovereignty while nullifying what little remains of national sovereignty.

These traitors are hoping you are not paying attention. Prove them wrong.

Leading up to the vote on the TPP on June 12th you spooked them, and the house voted against fast-track even though the republicans had calculated that they had enough votes.

Time to rattle their cages again.

Remember, these walking haircuts have names, addresses, phone numbers, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Time to make it abundantly clear that you are watching which way they vote and that you will hold them personally responsible for any support for any legislation which grants fast-track authority.

There are a lot of ways to go about making this clear. Some are diplomatic, others less so. Be creative.

If you are watching this video at a later date, consider this a point of reference demonstrating how they operate. These traitors are sneaky. They will try again. Stay vigilant.