Invisible Chains

Strange isn't it, that so many people would lie, cheat and literally kill for something that they don't understand at all.

Money dominates our lives… and yet most people have no idea what money actually is.

Strange isn’t it, that so many people would lie, cheat and literally kill for something that they don’t understand at all.

Perhaps you consider the money in your pocket to be a tool…
An asset which brings you things that which you need…
But in reality, modern money is no more a tool for the people than a baited hook is a tool for fish.
The dots and digits in your bank account,
those fancy dollar bills or euros in your pocket
are the mechanism of your enslavement.

If money is a baited fish hook, then you might be wise to ask who is the fisherman
rather than fighting with your fellow fish for your piece of the hook.

Some assume that it is government behind the fishing pole
But modern money isn’t created by government at all,
And most of it isn’t even created by the corporate owned Federal reserve and ECB banks which masquerade as government.
The majority of the money in circulation is created by banks that don’t even attempt to put on a public guise.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale…
your neighborhood bank…
the bank that issued you your debit card and credit card
the bank that you’ve been paying every month for the past 20 years
the bank that repossessed your neighbors house…
These banks and banks like these create 75% of the money in circulation… out of thin air…

The way that banks create money out of thin air is so simple it defies comprehension.

Banks create money by loaning out money that does not exist.
When you ask them for a loan, they write you a check for money that they don’t have in their account.
It sounds like it should be illegal doesn’t it?
It would be illegal if you did the same thing, but it’s not illegal when banks do it.
When a normal citizen writes a check for money they don’t have it’s called writing a hot check…
When a bank does it it’s called fractional reserve banking.

The banks loan you money that doesn’t exist, and charge you interest…
Money that you spend and therefore enters into circulation.
But the money to pay the interest on that loan doesn’t exist in the system at all and it never will.
There is always more total debt than there is money to pay that debt.
and there always will be as long as we continue to use a debt based money system…
This inherently creates artificial scarcity…
the scarcity that forces us to scramble desperately around the hamster wheel… struggling just to get by.
the scarcity that pits us against each other like dogs fighting over rancid bones

Debt based money binds us with invisible chains
And forces us to serve masters that we have never met.
At its root all it is is a cleverly disguised ponzi scheme.
one that plays out over generations
enslaving the people
and enriching the banking elite

This is the modern face of feudalism…
Where the kings and war lords have been replaced by a fascistic merger of corporate and state empire
and dungeons, spears, and catapults have been traded in for mortgages, hedge funds and arial drones.

So far it’s been working out quite well for them.

But their time is coming to an end,
because their game relies on your ignorance…
And for the first time in history,
people are waking up.

The awakening may seem small to you…
but you are witnessing the first milliseconds of an explosion
in the slow motion perspective of a human lifetime
from a historical perspective the paradigm shift that is occurring is like a bullet on it’s way down the barrel of a gun.

The powers that be understand this…
they study the crowd like a farmer studies his sheep…
and that’s why they’re scared.
This is why they are desperately looking for a way to shut down the internet,
and are setting up the systems of brute oppression that all dying empires resort to.
They would do anything to hold on to power.
absolutely anything.
But it’s too late.
The ideological foundations of their influence are already eroded,
and nothing they can do will reverse that fact.

The fundamental question is this:
Will the people have the will and the understanding to refuse the next banker controlled currency after this system collapses?
will they have the creativity and ingenuity to organize a medium of exchange which actually serves the people rather than enslaving them.
or will it be left to your children and your children’s children to fight the battle?

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