The StormCloudsGathering Project

During times of upheaval history can turn on a dime, and often does. The way we react, and or adapt to rapidly changing circumstances is often the determining variable. Our response is shaped by our world view, and our world view by the dominant cultural narrative (which in the age of instant, global communication is shifting faster than ever before).

These are treacherous waters, but believe it or not, I have hope; hope that takes into account realities and probabilities that you may disturb you.

Some reading this page are looking for clues to determine who’s side I am on. Which team is he batting for? Blue team or red? More to the point, they are looking for an out. Enemy positions can be dismissed with prejudice; facts and evidence rendered irrelevant.

You’re not going to find any relief from that angle. I don’t buy into any prepackaged group identities.

I stand with those who stand against wars of aggression (covert, economic, or conventional), debt based, banker controlled money, and the expansion and abuse of police state power, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN OFFICE.

These are lines that must be drawn, especially when unpopular. It’s a common ground for a coalition of the sane. Those who have followed my work for any length of time know that I consistently hold to these principles.

“How do I know I can trust you?” is a question I hear in various forms.

I don’t ask you to trust me. My job is to collect evidence, connect it with logic, and present it in a clear concise way.

Ideas either stand on their own, or they don’t stand at all. The messenger is just a vector of transmission. Trust must be earned.

[To be continued…]

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