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Digital Activism

For the Technically Inclined:

Programmers and web developers who are clever with nodejs, rest APIs, css, front end JavaScript and HTML, as well as server administrators, command line commandos, git ninjas, and security experts who are willing to consult over Skype, or code directly on open source digitial activism and communication projects, please message me here and include an email address.

Less technical:

  • Spread videos, articles and memes on social media.
  • Start a blog or Facebook page.
  • Network with online activists, bloggers and/or public figures.

Local Activism

  • Hang up posters, pass out flyers or post stickers around town.
  • Organize documentary nights, potlucks etc…
  • Network with local activists.
  • Talk to someone (even a random person) about something that matters.


A lot of people have expressed interest in helping with the open source, off-grid learning center we are building right now. If you have any of the following skills, are willing to camp (in a rainforest), and are ready to buy a plane ticket please contact us at . Note that this is a temporary email alias and it will be changed in the future. Check back here if you are unable to get through.

  • Master carpenters
  • Masons and concrete experts
  • Electricians
  • Alternative energy experts (solar/micro-hydro etc…)
  • Tough bastards that are handy with a pickaxe
  • Bloggers/Videographers/Documentarians/Video Editors

We’re currently working to finish the minimal kitchen and bathroom facilities (photos to come soon). Our goal is to be ready starting in the Summer of 2017. Be sure to sign up for email updates if you want to be notified when we start accepting applications.

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