All of our content is creative commons, no restrictions. This means you have the right to download and reuse anything we release in full or in part, with or without attribution. You are encouraged to translate this content to other media formats (such as audio, images, or blog posts), and into other languages.

There are multiple ways to download our videos. If you search on the iOS or Androidapp stores for “video downloader” you will find many stand alone applications which will enable you to download any video which is embedded on any web page. This same search will enable you to find pluggins for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. A search for “youtube video downloader” will provide apps specifically designed for youtube.

In cases where the video in question is being actively censored by one or more platforms it may be necessary to convert the video in order change the digital signature of the file before uploading. Social media platforms often blacklist the original file to enable them to censor re-uploads automatically. If you add music, it is important to be aware of the copyright restrictions of that music. It is quite common for videos to be muted entirely due to copyright violations.

Due to the aggressive use of algorithms to limit the distribution of anti-war content, it is no longer effective to merely post links onto our own personal profiles or pages (we can still use this avenue, but must recognize its limitations). Current algorithms favor direct exchanges between friends and family. Messaging apps and groups provide alternate venues which are yet to be fully locked down. In these situation it is important not to engage in behavior that could be interpreted as spammy or misleading.

To maximize impact, we must act strategically. The words of a single thought leader can influence thousands of minds. Connecting with bloggers/vloggers/community organizers/authority figures which already resonate with the message is key. Such individuals are accustomed to being approached by people seeking to promote an agenda. It is therefore of utmost importance that your outreach be sincere and organic. Make friends first. Establish rapport. Build upon shared values.

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