The Pongovi Experiment

An Open Source Non-Linear Learning Center

In 2015 two families pooled their resources to buy a small plot of land (in the middle of a rainforest) to build an open source learning center, with a focus on permaculture, an alternative learning methodologies, renewable energy, logic, social-psychology and alternative economics.

This project is a socio-economic experiment. We invested all of our savings in the initial purchase, structured the ownership in such a way that the land can never be sold (effectively giving us no way out), crowd funded to build the initial infrastructure, and moved our family (with two small children) onsite. We’re 100% committed.

This project is “open source” not just in the sense that it is crowd funded, but also in its operational model. Our vision is to host resident teachers, experts in particular fields (such as alternative construction techniques, small group organization, or conflict resolution) for short or long term exchanges, and events. We personally bring a set of skills to the table that we are willing to teach, a network of likeminded individuals and families, and a large audience to present the information to.

Accessibility is an extremely important variable. Our goal is to open up these events to those who are motivated and working to affect change. Money should not be a filter. As such, we all events will be run at cost, prioritizing exchange over transaction, with the long term goal of providing for situations where especially qualified individuals need financial assistance to participate.

Currently we are in the process of finishing the basic facilities needed to host groups (public restroom, kitchen, and lounge area). Our goal is to be ready to accept visitors/volunteers in the Summer of 2017. To get notified of new progress, be sure to sign up for email updates.

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