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Going forward, this page will be used as the primary point of contact for article, video, or meme topic requests. It will be updated periodically with methods of influencing the decision making process (via social media, polls etc…).

Due to the way I create content (by gradually accumulating evidence and connecting dots) I always have multiple videos and articles in progress. I time releases according to geopolitical and domestic conditions, however in situations where priority is not dictated by external events I do my best to factor in audience preference, especially where it coincides with content already in the works.

Right now we have constraints on our electricity usage due to being off-grid, so to keep things flowing we are prioritizing text, or memes, before the video version.

Currently I am watching the post embedded below to get your input. Comment on that post, and follow the page to get updates.

By the way, anyone who wants to help us save up enough money to buy and install a small micro-hydro electrical system can donate.

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