The U.N. Says 257 civilians Have Been Killed in East Ukraine (but Refuses to Condemn the Ongoing Bombardment)

The ongoing airstrikes in east Ukraine are killing mostly civilians, but the U.N. still refuses to even assign the blame where it belongs, much less condemn the perpetrators

According to a recent report by the U.N. 356 people have been killed in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Of these 257 were civilians, 86 were Ukrainian military. If these numbers are accurate it would mean that only 13 separatists have been killed so far (I find that hard to believe). The real death toll is likely higher than this.

The U.N.’s report however, is a whitewash on a number of levels. It makes no mention of the ongoing airstrikes in eastern Ukraine being carried out by the Ukrainian military in residential areas, in spite of the OSCE’s report and the footage of the attacks. Instead it blames the deaths on phantom atrocities where people were supposedly “shot at checkpoints for no reason and members of armed groups who were summarily shot because they no longer wanted to fight.” Zero evidence has been presented to back up these claims. If such evidence existed you can be sure that the New York Times and the rest of Washington’s propaganda apparatus would be blasting it out non-stop for weeks. We’ve already seen how low their standards of evidence are when it comes to demonizing the separatists.

The U.N. doesn’t seem to have come to terms with the fact that in the age of the internet we access to the footage on the ground just as fast as they do (if not faster). Anyone who takes the time to look at the footage on the ground in Ukraine will quickly discover that there are countless clips and images of civilians killed or injured by Ukrainian forces. Ironically, some of those operations were even carried out using U.N. helicopters.

What’s particularly disturbing here is that the United Nations seems to be willing to directly assist NATO in the propaganda war that’s being waged right now. What ever happened to the good old days when the U.N. would just watch haplessly as the U.S. and NATO invaded countries, toppled governments, and installed puppets?

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