Video: Ukrainian Air Force Caught Bombing Civilians - OSCE Confirms

The Ukrainian military has been caught on video from multiple sources bombing civilians in Lugansk, Ukraine, but just in case you were skeptical we now have a confirmation from the OSCE. Washington's response? Give them more money.

From the OSCE’s website:

In Luhansk the situation remained volatile. On 2 June, shortly after 15:00 hrs, rockets hit the occupied regional administration building. Based on the SMM’s limited observation these strikes were the result of non-guided rockets shot from an aircraft. The number of casualties is unknown.

The report is carefully worded in order to avoid directly assigning responsibility, however the simple acknowledgement that the rockets were fired from an aircraft is full confirmation. The rebels in eastern Ukraine don’t have an air force, and even if they did, they certainly wouldn’t be using it to bomb their own city. What the OSCE report also carefully avoids mentioning is the fact that this air strike was conducted in a populated civilian center and that there were multiple civilians hit.

Watch the videos below to see for yourself.

Washington apparently still hasn’t caught on to the fact that a corporate media blackout is no longer enough to shut down a story in the age of the internet. As this footage was going viral, assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Derek Chollet announced that the U.S. was doubling their military aid to the Ukraine bringing the total to 18 million dollars.

Amazing that the U.S. government has the gall to talk about “Russian aggression” in Crimea, where the transition was decided by referendum and no military force was used, but when Kiev uses airstrikes to put down resistance in a region that has declared its independence they are rewarded with millions of your tax dollars.

Hypocrisy has its own elegant symmetry doesn’t it.

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