Why You Should NOT Associate Yourselves with Peter Santilli [UPDATED]

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I personally listened to several blatantly racist statements being made in live broadcasts that play on the RidefortheConstitution website. The person making these racist statement was Peter Santilli, the official spokes person for the organization.

*** Update: Zeeda Andrews got back to us and informed us that Peter Santilli has been removed from the organization. She says that she considers him a madman and a criminal and that he essentially hijacked their movement. Anyone can be taken by a conman, but it takes courage to correct an error. Zeeda has earned my respect in this regard.

I was on ridefortheconsitution dot org website at about 1:20 AM EST on October 8th to read a written statement they had released and while I was there audio started playing on the page. Turns out it was a live broadcast (the Peter Santilli show). I listened to the show for quite a while during which I heard several racists comments. One was something along the lines of "The banks wanted to loan to stupid black people so that the banks could take the houses later" the other was roughly "Black people don't manage their finances very well and this seems to apply for the White House as well". (this is my recollection of what he said. It is paraphrased). Now I would prefer to let you listen to this audio directly so you could verify for yourself, unfortunately the show was deletedhttp://www.spreaker.com/user/thepetesantillishow/guerilla_media_network_859?utm_source=widget

On the pdf document displayed on this page:http://ridefortheconstitution.org/earl-conlon-advised-not-to-misrepresent-himself-to-media-as-spokesperson/ Peter Santilli is listed as the public spokes person for the ridefortheconstitution event.