Maria Recovery + A Positive Course of Action

Dominica needs more than short term humanitarian relief. We have an opportunity to transition the entire country to food self sufficiency, renewable energy, and local economic strategies.

The Coming Collapse + A Positive Course of Action

The United States and the global status quo are rapidly approaching a breaking point. Viewed from the scale of history we’re milliseconds away.

You probably sense this on some level. Perhaps you’ve pushed that thought out of your mind. Perhaps the implications fill you with fear. Perhaps you are struggling to imagine a positive course of action. Our goal here is to change that.

Paradigm for the Next Generation

As a species we are approaching a window of danger, and opportunity: a time of upheaval which will shatter nations and superstates along fault-lines of geography, language, and group identity. A socio-economic reset is in order and in the works. The stakes are high. Positive outcomes are possible, but are by no means guaranteed.

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