Final Messages

This series will contain our final messages through these vectors of communication. We cannot say with any certainty how many more times we will be able to broadcast before this window closes, but our intention is to slip as much through as possible by weaving our words around the censors. As in any era of ideological totalitarianism there is an art to saying without saying; to incite with a riddle, poem or play. In this final series we are going to take this principle a step farther than any of our past work, and will speak from a radically different perspective. This new perspective is the result of a near death experience in November of 2020 and a number of other events that have not previously been discussed in public. We will touch upon these at various points in this series, however anyone who is familiar with our older work will notice a significant change in tone, stance, and even some beliefs. Some will find this unsettling, for others it will transmit a spark of hope, however only those who interpret it through a spiritual lens will fully understand.

Final Messages – Part 1 – How the Mandates End

October 15th, 2021 was the date chosen to mark the dawn of a new iron curtain. All around the world the political, corporate and religious elites synchronized enforcement of employment mandates and health passport systems under the guise of public health.

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Up Next

Final Messages – Part 2 will go public on October 31st, 2021 in whatever state of completion it is in at that time. However there will a number of incremental updates to this page as that date approaches. If you would like to submit evidence, ask questions or debate any of these topics please join the OpenSourceTheNews group on Telegram (I do not have time to debate the same topics with multiple people in private messages). For evidence that is banned, and videos which will never be released to through big tech platforms subscribe to the StormCloudsGathering channel on Telegram.

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