These are our final messages. We cannot say with any certainty how many more times we will be able to broadcast before this window closes, but the goal is to push the envelope as far as possible to improve the outcome of this crisis. War is coming. This cannot be stopped now, but non-violent resistance early on can greatly reduce the number of lives lost.

Final Messages – Part 3 – How to Overthrow Governments (The Color Revolution Formula)

In this video we’re going to provide specific instructions on how to overthrow governments with little or no bloodshed. These tactics have been employed successfully in Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and elsewhere. The existence of the Color Revolution approach is well known, but most writings on the subject are highly abstract and obscure the details. The level of civil disobedience that brings down governments is dangerous, and usually illegal. Those who go down this path risk prison time or even death. But when you understand that the alternative is to condemn our children and future generations to an open air prison the moral imperative is clear.

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Final Messages – Part 2 – How the Revolution Begins

The root of all fear is death. Coming to terms with death is the root of all courage.

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Final Messages – Part 1 – How the Mandates End

October 15th, 2021 was the date chosen to mark the dawn of a new iron curtain. All around the world the political, corporate and religious elites synchronized enforcement of employment mandates and health passport systems under the guise of public health.

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