Aaron Hawkins

The StormCloudsGathering (aka SCG) project was founded in 2010 by Aaron Hawkins. Though his work has consistently pointed to the inevitable collapse of the global financial system, the fall of the post World War II geopolitical order, and a subsequent period of extreme upheaval and social unrest, the objective has always been to influence the trajectory of these events rather than merely predict the outcome.

History is driven by human perception. The way a population views the world and their place within it determines how they react to change. It is here that we as individuals have the greatest potential to make a difference.

Though the ideas promoted here sometimes partially align with left-wing or right-wing perspectives, his world view is not derived from any group identity. This often confuses those who seek to to label or discredit him based on who they think he is rather than responding to the facts presented. To clarify we have included a list of pertinent facts about Aaron below.

  1. As a matter of principle Aaron never supports any politician or political party and never takes sides in any elections.
  2. Aaron has been an anti-war activist since the Bush era and has spoken out against every administration regardless of party. The fact that Aaron consistently criticizes U.S. foreign policy has led some to claim that he is somehow in cahoots with Russia, China or some globalist cabal. This is false. Though he renounced his U.S. citizenship upon acquiring French citizenship (via marriage), his only patriotic allegiance is to the Commonwealth of Dominica (where he has been an immigrant since 2012). He strongly opposes globalization; instead advocating a return to small, locally organized societies.
  3. Though he often criticizes modern capitalism he does not endorse socialism or communism. Though he points out the inherent flaws in vertical, top down collectives he does not endorse anarchism in either its left-wing or right-wing forms. Contrary to popular belief these are not the only ways humans can organize. Our species lived on this planet for over 300,000 years before the advent of city states, monetary systems and the vertical collectivist model that gave rise to them.
  4. Aaron lives off-grid farm in the mountains of Dominica. Below is an areal view from 2019 (much has changed since then).
Off Grid Permaculture Dominica

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