The Great Collapse

“How did you go bankrupt?”
“Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

Ernest Hemingway – The Sun Also Rises

The disintegration of the post World War II order is accelerating. Though the watershed moment that marks the beginning of the great collapse will likely come as a sudden shock, its underlying causes — geopolitical, economic, and socio-psychological — have been decades in the making.

The complex and interconnected nature of modern globalization is unprecedented, as will be the consequences of its unraveling. The end of the U.S. dollar’s world reserve currency status will initiate a chain reaction that central banks are powerless to stop; their ammunition long since expended propping up asset markets. With billions impoverished virtually over night, chaos and upheaval follow.

The causes of this crisis have culprits, and these culprits have names and addresses. If blame were to be properly assessed many would be left hanging from bridges and lamp posts. The ruling class understands this, and has thus dedicated a great deal of time and resources towards averting such an outcome.

The arrival of COVID-19, natural or otherwise, presented a golden opportunity. Not only could the virus be blamed when the largest asset bubble in history finally popped, but it would also provide the perfect pretext for the establishment of totalitarian control mechanisms the likes of the world has never seen. With these mechanisms in place those in power hope to stay in power and rebuild the system to better suit their needs (build back better). This vision is often referred to as The Great Reset.

Though this trajectory may seem unstoppable, in reality a very different story will play out. The powers that be have badly miscalculated. Their primitive understanding of human psychology did not account for the full spectrum of the backlash that would follow. Not only would they fail to condition humanity to accept this new normal, in their gambit for yet more power they ultimately lose everything. The great reset meets the great resistance and the entire house of cards comes down.

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